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Welcome to S1000D

Welcome to S1000D, "International specification for technical publications using a common source database".  Since its inception over 20 years ago, S1000D has grown to where it is now used widely around the world.  Currently, its uses include: 

  • Defense systems – including land, sea, and air products
  • Civil aviation products
  • Construction industry products
  • Ship industry products

The specification is publicly available and is free to download from this web site.  Downloads include the specification, schemas, and sample files.

The S1000D web site

This web site is provided by the S1000D Council and Steering Committee as a means to provide useful information to help you in your implementation of S1000D.  Key information available on these pages includes:

  • The history of S1000D
  • The benefits of adoption
  • How to deal with legacy data
  • Information on various methods presented in the specification
  • Free downloads of the S1000D specification and XML schemas

We hope this web site helps you adopt and implement the specification to suit your business requirements.  We also invite you to provide feedback to help us focus on related issues that concern you. All ideas are welcome.  Please visit our Contact Us page to provide your comments.


S1000D is an international specification for the production of technical publications. Although the title emphasizes its use for technical publications, application of the specification to non-technical publications is also possible and can be very beneficial to businesses requiring processes and controls.

This specification was initially developed by the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).  Currently, S1000D is jointly produced by the following organizations, their members, and customers:

  • ASD
  • Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA)
  • ATA e-Business Program 

These organisations form the S1000D Council and the S1000D Steering Committee.   These groups are dedicated to establishing mutually agreed standards for the documentation methods used by the participating parties.

With Issue 2, the scope of S1000D was extended to include land and sea specific applications. The specification continues to evolve and now supports:

  • any type of equipment (including both military and civil products)
  • publication
  • construction
  • policy procedures
  • legal documentation
  • organizational documentation
  • and more............... 

 Past S1000D User Forums (show all)

2019 S1000D User ForumOctober 14-17, 2019
2018 S1000D User ForumSeptember 10-13, 2018

Other Industry Events

IPS/ILS User Forum Vienna 2020
2nd – 5th November 2020, Vienna Austria

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